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Upcoming Workshop


90 Days to You
A Lifestyle Cleanse

This cleanse is designed to support you during an optimal time of the year for change. We cleanse twice a year, in the fall and spring for letting go of what no longer serves and for bringing in the new to empower us back to our true selves. The cleanse spans over three months to embrace a lifestyle of healthy living in our Body, Mind and Spirit.

These three components work synergistically to allow us to become the best version of ourselves gently, naturally and organically. For real change we must embrace a "lifestyle" that includes all the parts of ourselves.


We will work with our physical structure, diet, mind-set and our own unique personal expression of spirit to move forward in becoming the absolute best version of ourselves. Specifically, we will meet once a week (for three months) for a group online zoom support call with instruction, teachings and q&a on the specific topic for that month. We will have a private Fb group for fun readings and community connection. I will meet with you for 1:1 90 min session 2xs/month to outline your personal goals.


The first month will be all about diet, cleansing  and strengthening our physical vessels with recipes and movement based on over 30 yrs experience leading and practicing healthful living.


The second month we will continue with our first month foundation and adding on mind-set practices of positivity, cutting edge psychology and the tried and true 1000s years old breath work and meditation.


The third month, having established a strong foundation of body and mind we will embrace spirit. Once our nervous system is calm and connected we are able to access our true souls purpose with practices that enhance our own unique expression of spirit becoming radiant beings of strength, courage and clarity. 


Join me and others on this group support healthy lifestyle journey.

Ongoing Class

accupuncture photo.JPG

Auricular Acupuncture with
Breathwork & Meditation

Thursdays 1:15 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Want to improve your immune system, experience less body pain, sleep better, improve digestion, feel more positive, relaxed and less stress? Join us for this low cost medical miracle that has stood the test of time over 3000 years!!


Acupuncture stimulates our nervous system to release chemicals into our muscles, spinal cord and brain which promote natural healing  physically and emotional well-being.

Once per week we will meet for some gentle stretching, breath work, meditation and auricular (ear) acupuncture to relax our bodies and lighten our minds.


Gentle breath work and light meditation followed by laying on our mats while Rachel gently places acupuncture needles in specific points at the outer edges of the ear. These points have been clinically proven to simulate and adjust our nervous system allowing for deep relaxation and deep healing.


Please bring a mat and wear warm comfortable clothing.

Past Workshops

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